Sea to Summit – Mosquito Pyramid Net – Double

  • Description

Stop those pesky and dangerous mosquitos from interrupting your precious sleep.


The Pyramid Net from STS is Ideal for trekking, traveling and wilderness camping. The shelter provides essential protection against mosquitoes and other bugs.

The asymetric shape means the apex of the pyramid is closer to the head end for more usable head room. An overlapping flap at the base makes it easy to achieve a bug proof seal against a floor or mattress. Colored tapes at each corner and a single suspension point ensure easy set up.




  • Light and compact
  • Black mesh netting offers high visibility, Permethrin treatment offers extra protection
  • Finely woven multifilament polyester
  • 500 holes per square inch hexagonal mesh
  • Height is easily adjustable, with tuck in corners for extra protection
  • Asymmetrical hanging point gives practical headroom
  • Color coded corners for easy set up




Weight: 245g

Dimensions: 1.2 X 2.2 X 1 M


500 hole per Inch / 80 hole per cm