Radix Performance 400 Plant-Based Turkish Style Falafel

Radix Performance 400 Plant-Based Turkish Style Falafel


A vibrant Mexican chilli packed with avocado, vegetables, plant-based protein, chilli, and herbs.

Avocado not only provides plentiful micronutrients but, assists with the absorption of additional fat-soluble micronutrients provided by red capsicum and other vegetables, enabling optimal nutrient absorption for excellent performance.

Almonds and our unique complete plant-based protein blend further support micronutrient values and sustained energy.

A flavour-full, nutritionally dense and low-calorie meal that is a perfect everyday lunch or light meal!

  • Description

Tomato [Includes Non-GMO Maize Starch 2.4%], Organic White Rice, Split Peas, Red Capsicum, Avocado (13%), Organic Olive Oil, Ground Almonds, Pea Protein Isolate, Garlic, Organic Brown Rice Protein, Chilli, Cumin, Smoked Paprika, Pink Himalayan Salt

Contains tree nuts. May contain traces of milk, soy and fish.