Edelrid Interstatic Protect 11mm Static Rope Night


Static rope with integrated cut resistance. This means high-strength aramid fibres are integrated into the rope sheath during the braiding process. As a result, the INTERSTATIC PROTECT has almost double the cut resistance compared to a static rope with a comparable sheath proportion and diameter. These characteristics, together with its low elongation values, make the INTERSTATIC PROTECT the first choice for all applications when the rope is exposed to sharp edges or whenever an additional safety margin is desirable.
Pricing is per metre.

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Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling
Tracer threads on the sheath to indicate rope diameter
Increased cut resistance through aramid processing in the rope sheath
Important: the rope cannot be a substitute for the need for adequate edge protection
Tested for use with ActSafe model ACC
Diameter [mm]: 11,00
Core proportion [%]: 56,00
Knotability: 1,10
Sheath proportion [%]: 44,00
weight per meter [g/m]: 77,00
minimum breaking strength [kN]: 35
minimum breaking strength in figure-of-eight knot [kN]: 20
Schrinkage H20 [%]: 2,40
Static elongation [%]: 2
CE marking: CE 0123
country of origin: Germany
Sharp edge approved: Yes