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Beta stick Evo Ultra compact 9ft


BetaStick EVO
Raising the bar in remote clipping for more than 15 years

The original BetaStick was born, designed and built in 2002, in Sheffield, UK to smoothly and efficiently clip bolts. It has become the market leader in remote clipping devices, worldwide.
The BetaStick Evo is the culmination of 15 years experience, research and design in remote clipping devices. It has evolved to give all the functionality of the original BetaStick but significantly enhanced with improved features & function:

Ultra Compact – the ultimate travel clip stick
Capacity for lasso clipping and quickdraw removal
Integral hooking feature for rope retrieval
New pole design to prevent spinning with secure locking mechanisms and a stiffer, more durable build quality
A dual position spring to securely retain karabiners, optimise gate opening and release smoothly
Compatible with a wide range of snap gate karabiners – both solid and wire gate
An ergonomically angled head to easily access bolt hangers in difficult clipping situations
Clips to harness for ‘bolt-to-bolting

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Ultra Compact 55 – 238cm